Top 5 Secret Tips for Android App Development Success

Top 5 Secret Tips for Android App Development Success
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The frequent mobile users know that the Google Play Store is The place where one can get several apps in just a few taps. Do you also know that it is one of the most profitable places for developers if you have android App development skills? However, if you don't apply the right skills or you do not load your apps with the right equipment then your app may get lost among the millions of apps that are listed on the Store. So, the ultimate question that remains is that how can you can you create an app that is useful and successful. To find out help figure out the answer, here are a few tips to be followed by Android App Developers as shared by some leading Android App Development Companies:

1. Keep the User at the Center of the universe

It is important that you have a thorough understanding of the user’s profile, his profile, persona, preferences and expectations before beginning to design the app. Once the prototype is designed it is just as important to have the app completely tested and vetted by technical and non-technical users across the range of user profiles. User acceptance is the most critical factor to app success. At the same time, Apps that eventually create delight and habit among users are the ones that are a success.

2. Check the Market Demand

Instead of implementing your idea, first, make sure you have an idea of the basics. See what is trending in the market so that you understand the demand. It is true that Android has a bigger market than Windows or iOS phones. Though the others might make more money but Android developers get more exposure for their apps in a wider market. So, determine the Pros and Cons before you finalize your app developing plans.

2. Design Flexible Layouts

The Android devices are found to be of different shapes and sizes. So, make sure you use layouts that adjust itself to the screen size they will be operated from. You can follow the official design guidelines that Google has created. Some of the tools can also be used to help in the management of the screen sizes.

3. Keep In Mind the Offline Experiences

Most successful apps are found to be those that offer the users with enriched offline experiences. So, it will be better you start thinking about how your app will work offline and make the necessary alterations. This will help avoid user frustration and you will see lesser bounce rates, that is, the user's moving out of the apps.

4. Keep It Sweet and Simple

If you would have observed some of the leading Android App Development company then you know that most of the successful apps are relatively simple. This is because they are simply-to understand and navigate. It is also natural that in simple and easy to use apps the users will tend to stay longer than in-complex and difficult to navigate apps. It will be better if you have a less tech-friendly friend or relative of yours use the prototype before you launch it in the store. If they do not find it to be intuitive, it will be better to make the necessary alterations.

5. Compatible with Different Languages

A smart move to make the Android apps successful is developing it in the local languages of the popular regions. This is a great way to impress your users. This can be done by storing the user interface into separate resource files. So, when the users specify the region and the language the app will automatically change to it.

Most of the leading Android Application Development Company follows these guidelines to design effective apps for Android devices. These help their Apps  create delight and habit among users.

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