8 Universal Android Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

8 Universal Android Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
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The use of Android in life is extremely important when you are completely hooked on the use of a phone. While there is always an option of switching to iOS. Android continues to remain the most used Mobile OS by users across the globe due to it beingsimple, user friendly, practical and effective. In the process of making Android more useful, android app developers have worked out the 8 most viable hacks for you to be able to make your phone perform better. Here is the list of tips and tricks that you can use:

Free your memory: The most effective thing to do in running your phone smoothly is to make sure that you choose to remove all apps that you no longer use. When your phone has a better RAM space, you can work your device in a better way.

Create and amaze: The android system gives you a free hand to create and customize your home screen the way you like to see it. A certain amount of exploration will help you learn about widgets that turn out to be amazing tools in the process of making your phone super functional.

Security: There are thousands of people that forget their phones in taxis or trains and are never able to find it again. However, with the help of helpful applications, you can choose to put your contact details on the lock screen. While this method will not ensure that you will get your phone back, it sure does increase the chances.

Data protection: If fate has different plans and you do not get your phone back, you can choose to keep your data encrypted using the security feature on your android device. This is a feature that will require you to enter a code each time the phone is switched on. While this is one of the most secure ways to protect the data on your phone, it is advisable for those that handle extremely sensitive information through their handset.

The look and feel: You can choose to use some of the most amazing launching Apps and create a whole new look and feel for your device. These apps work on giving a new look to the user interface on your phone.

Ask and you shall receive: You can make your android device much more helpful with the help of the ‘OK Google’ command. All you have to do is go to the Google settings, turn on the permissions for the use of voice for ‘OK Google’ detection from any screen and get asking.

Get Tech savvy: You can go all out and unleash the developer in you by accessing the developer options. With the use of some Android application developement skills, you can unlock the path to customization. However, this is something that is recommended to those that have some knowledge of technology.

Get more Apps: One of the most viable features of android is that you do not have to limit your app collection to the Google play store. You can also make use of other application stores with as much ease.

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