5 Things To Keep In Mind To Ensure Hybrid App Performance Right At The Start

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Ensure Hybrid App Performance Right At The Start
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The hybrid mobile apps have gained a lot of popularity and importance in recent times. The growing popularity of these mobile apps has not only allowed app developers to be able to target multiple number of mobile platforms with just a single code; but has also increased the importance of improving the apps’ performance. Moreover, these mobile apps have also come with the ability to reduce the cost and time that was once required for mobile app development. While the scope for easing out on a huge amount of money has become a promising opportunity with these apps, it is always better to be aware of what to do and what to avoid in order to improve the performance of these hybrid apps right at the start. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can be helpful in increasing the credibility of the hybrid apps.

1. Selecting the right Hybrid Framework

Choosing the correct framework to develop the hybrid app is one of the main things to focus on. Unlike the native apps which have their solid framework, hybrid mobile apps have to work with several Mobile OS’ and not a single solid one. It is thus best to choose the one carefully considering the frameworks maturity, availability of open source support and development resources.

2) Improving on the Gap Areas of Hybrid frameworksThe main restrictions that are often observed in the hybrid mobile apps in comparison to the native apps are mainly in the animation, the fluidity of the app and the memory usage it takes up. These are some of the obstructions that can surely be improved upon, by a skilled hybrid app developer, so that the benefits of cross device functionality overweight these challenges.

3) Analysing the Requirement of Native Code

One of the major things to look and focus on is if the primary desired functionalies can bedeveloped using the hybrid code or if it needs to be done natively. It has been seen that most of the functions that work on mobile can be worked on in a hybrid framework, but if not, it requires native coding. Some of the major things that can be categorized into requiringnative features include the direct access to the user's photo gallery, camera,authentication for social media apps and other hardware intensive features. Professionals in the field of Hybrid App Development, need to ensure the requirement and appropriate development of these native pluginss where required, for better performance of the hybrid app.

4) Present and Future App Functionality

Native apps are often easily replaced by the Hybrid ones but that definitely shouldn’t be the place where you stop. It is necessary to understand the possibilities and the chances that the app stands in the future. The development of the hybrid app that you are working on should be something that would challenge the native apps and not add to the collection of the graveyard of the minimum viable products or MVPs as they are often called.

5) Ensuring cutting edge User Interface and User Experience

Hybrid Apps frameworks might require certain adjustability to the User Interface as compared to native ones.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the hybrid app that you are developing is the least complicated when it comes to the UI or UX, similar to that of reputed app developing companies.

The hybrid app development is something that is gaining a lot of momentum with the advancing technology. The initial challenges of device hardware constraints are greatly reduced with more mature Hybrid frameworks, thus enabling cost and time effectiveness as well as substantially simplifying maintainability with future OS upgrades. While Hybrid app developers are out there doing their best, these are some of the tricks and tips that come in handy to accentuate the results of the hybrid app performance.

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